What Is Masturbation? And How Can You Enjoy It More?

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“What is masturbation?” you might ask yourself. Is it really as simple as giving yourself a quick five-minute thrill?

What is masturbation to you? How does it make you feel?

If you’re looking for a simple definition of what masturbation is, you can grab a dictionary.

You’ll find it says something like:

Masturbation: self-stimulation of the genital organs. Often produces an orgasm. Does not involve penetration, but can also be achieved through instrumental manipulation or sexual fantasies.

But there is so much more to masturbation than this.

What is masturbation? Well, it goes beyond just the genitals. It can involve the whole body. More importantly still, it harnesses the extreme power of the mind.

What is one of masturbation’s greatest gifts? You can do it anytime and as often as you wish.

Yes, it can produce an orgasm. But that’s only one of so many good things about it.

Yes, it does involve self-stimulation. But there are so many exciting ways in which to make that happen.

Ask the question “what is masturbation” and there is no simple answer. There’s just so much more to it. So much to explore. So many thrills to experience.

Make time for playtime

It’s important to remember that masturbation is normal. Everyone is likely to do it at some point in their lives. It’s as normal as say, having a shave in the morning or playing soccer after work.

What do you do those things for?
You shave because you care about how you look. It’s a vital part of your grooming routine. The process and sensation afterwards makes you feel good. These things are important to you.
You play sports and work out because you want to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle. You like to compete. You enjoy being social with others. Again, these things are important to you.

Now think about what you really love in life– great music or films, the sharpest clothes and experiences filled with adrenaline. You want the best in life—so why not elevate your quality of time spent alone to that level too?

Plan ahead and put time aside for play. Give it the importance that it—and you—deserve.

These things have meaning in your life, so give maturbation meaning too.
What is clear is masturbation can be an equally important part of your lifestyl. The benefits – for your mind, body and more – are there for the taking. Go get them.

So what is masturbation good for?

There are so many good reasons to make masturbation part of your lifestyle.

  1. Masturbation is the safest form of sex.
    What is especially great about masturbation? It’s safe and healthy fun. And one of the most exciting ways to experience natural highs like no other.
  2. Masturbation can help you relax.
    It helps lower stress levels, and can even help some people sleep. Try having a play last thing at night and see how refreshed you feel in the morning. Your dreams might be pretty good too.
  3. Masturbation helps the immune system 
    By increasing cortisol levels, masturbation helps to regulate your immune system. Being aroused raises your dopamine levels, too. Dopamine makes you feel good, and can even improve your levels of motivation and productivity.
  4. Masturbation helps you get the best out of your body.
    By exploring your body you get to understand it better. You’ll discover what works for you and learn what turns you on. How to drive yourself to more powerful, intense orgasms. Speaking of which…
  5. Masturbation can result in an orgasm.
    Yes it can. An earth-shaking, mind-enhancing orgasm. The kind of sensation that can make your day better than ever. But here’s a secret not everyone knows…
  6. You don’t have to orgasm to enjoy masturbation.
    It’s true. Take time to appreciate what is the process of masturbation. Enjoy touching, stroking, scratching and teasing yourself. Tease yourself—take yourself to the edge of orgasm and then stop. It feels sensational.
  7. What is really great about masturbation is… it’s free!
    The best things in life are free? Masturbation is the proof. All you need is a little privacy, a little time and space to enjoy yourself. Lying down, standing up, in the shower, in the bedroom–it’s up to you. If you indeed wish to invest something in your masturbation experience, use a toy to stimulate yourself, or simply work with your hands and a little lube. You play how you choose. You’re in control.

If you want to know more about masturbation, check out our male masturbation FAQs.

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Play with male sex toys

Of course, if you want to masturbate better then you should masturbate smarter. From rings and vibrators to more advanced smart sex tech and stimulators: male sex toys are now better than ever. With devices that react to skin contact or handsfree-options, male sex toys enable you to focus on enhancing your orgasms.
It’s 21st century masturbation at its finest: smart, intuitive sex tech designed to make you feel greater than ever before. Having a sex toy or two handy in the bedroom, in your sports bag—anywhere—gives you the option to take your personal playtime to the next level.

So have fun experimenting, and finding out what is masturbation for you. Masturbation is what you make it. It’s for you—and it’s yours. Own it and enjoy it.

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What is going to make masturbation better than ever?

When you know what masturbation is and what it means to you, you know that it’s just too good to miss out on.
Simply put, what is going to elevate good masturbation to better masturbation is time and timing.

Plan ahead and put time aside for play. Give it the importance that you deserve. Put away your phone and other distractions. This way you don’t have to rush. You know you won’t be interrupted. You know you can concentrate on making yourself feel good.

What is one of masturbation’s greatest secrets?

You won’t run out of sperm. It’s a popular myth, but the fact is that the body continually produces sperm–about 1,500 sperm cells a second. That’s roughly a few million per day, so you can release sperm daily, should you feel like you want to.

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