Happy Singles Day! – Why I’m Single and Happy About It


There are millions of singles worldwide. They’re often incredibly happy without a partner – and this joy is celebrated on singles day. One of them is our author Julia Heyne, who discusses here the advantages of being single and when it sucks.

“What’s wrong with men?” – I keep hearing that question. I’ve got no idea what’s going on with them. They’re not a big presence in my life. At least not in a romantic context and not for quite a while. And so what? I don’t think that’s a bad thing. What’s more, I proudly and happily celebrate the International Day for Singles. What is Singles Day? It’s like Valentine’s Day, but for single people – celebrating yourself. Awesome! My life is really what one calls fulfilled. An exciting job, great friends, adventurous travel and a great family – all this leaves little time to feel like I’m missing anything. In short: I am single and happy without a partner.

Of course, I like the of meeting my great love and living the cliché – sharing an apartment, a dog, a child and even growing old together. Until this comes my way, I enjoy being single and love all the positives it offers. And let me tell you, there are some …

Advantages of being single

Oh, where do I even start? The best thing for me is one of the obvious benefits of solo life: I sleep alone. In a wonderfully large bed, in the ideal room temperature and I hear… nothing. No one snores, steals one of MY two blankets or even my side-sleeper pillow. Of course, I have nothing against the occasional visit in bed, but I sleep best alone. Speaking of alone: ​​I also like to live alone. My place is important to me. I want to style it the way I like and I really do not want to compromise. Well… of course you can also live separately while in a relationship, but for most the question of a shared love nest comes up sooner or later. And then saying to your partner, “No, thank you, I do not want you in my apartment,” might not be received too well.

Another advantage of being single (and happy) is that you can be the captain of your own life without exception. I decide what I want to do, where I want to travel. And how often I shave my legs is my decision alone. Singles are often pitied by couples, as far as the sex life is concerned. Completely unnecessary, in my opinion: Firstly, as a single I can quite regularly have sex, even if it takes more effort than to simply drag your own partner into the bedroom. In addition, there are really great sex toys these days, which can give me an uncomplicated orgasm anytime. So, dear couples, relax, just because someone is solo, they’re far from joining the monastery.

Singles Awareness Day

When is singles day? Well, every year on the 11th of November it’s International Single Day (or “Singles awareness day”) where singles and diversity of lifestyles are celebrated. The day was launched in the 1990s in China as a reaction to Valentine’s Day. I think it’s a great idea and should be celebrated, as according to the motto: “Only those who love themselves can love others “- both their own self and their own body. Solo sex is not only good for getting to know your own body, it is also a good way to developing self-love – but it’s also really fun. And with the right toy, you do not feel so alone anymore… Cheers to everyone who is happy without a partner!

Two little toy recommendations from me…

lily allen liberty o-diaries

LIBERTY by Lily Allen

Ok, sometimes it gets annoying…

The benefits of single life and Single-Day aside, there are sometimes situations in which I wish for a partner by my side. When I’m invited to a wedding, for example. This sitting around at the single table and the compassionate looks from all the couples can really annoy you. And I have to confess: If it’s a nice wedding, then I’ll get a bit of a longing for my Mr. Right. Other times include doing work around the house, or if my parents or kids ask why I’m still single. Even just the fall, which is to me the romantic season in the year. In conclusion, there’s no black and white thinking when it comes to love. In some cases, it’s easy being single and happy while it’s really annoying at other times. However, one thing we shouldn’t forget: being in love and sharing your life with someone in a healthy relationship can be a pretty nice thing…

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A few years ago, Julia Heyne moved to Berlin. Not because of love, but to deal with love on a daily basis. She headed the erotic department at BILD.de for seven years and because that wasn't enough love, lust and passion, she wrote a book about online dating in 2016. Today she has renounced online dating, but continues to write for O*Diaries about the most beautiful minor matter in the world. In her spare time, she also enjoys unromantic things like mountaineering, reading and ghostwriting for various book projects.