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There is no question that anyone who has been working in a sex shop for 15 years is a really sought-after discussion partner at parties – and is just getting pestered with questions. Katharina Leiber could tell you a thing or two about it. And she does. Instead, she shares all her sensational stories from the sex shop via her own podcast. Together with her partner Jules, Katahrina chats about love, lust and passion in ‘Yes, we cum!’. We talked to her about her exciting job.

How did the idea for the podcast come up?

I have been working in adult shop for more than 15 years and so it is that I have a myriad of  stories to tell. I keep noticing that people want to hear those. Whenever I am in the situation of being asked about my profession, at a party for example, and people find out what I do for work, I will be telling these stories all night long. And of course, the repertoire grows every day.

This is when my partner Jules and I came up with the idea to launch a podcast based on these short stories. Podcast, I think, as a modern, flexible and of course quite intimate format, is just the perfect platform for all these anecdotes.

We explain facts, we sexucate, and we give advice, which we hope will be useful for listeners.

What makes your podcast so special?

We are the first podcast to be recorded directly in a sex shop. If you look at similar podcasts, a lot of them are basically randomly meeting people who just really enjoy all sorts of sex talk. Our approach is different. We explain facts, we sexucate, and we give advice, which we hope will be useful for listeners. And then, undoubtedly, we spice it up with diverting anecdotes from the sex shop and a good portion of humor. At the end of the day, our main goal is to tell people that there are so many things to know and so many things to try – and no matter how extreme your sex life may be: That is totally fine! Enjoy it!

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What was the weirdest or funny situation you’ve had in your sex shop?

There have been a lot of weird and funny situations in my shop. One of my favorite stories is a customer who was absolutely sure to know me from porn movies. He was totally convinced that I was Dirty Steffi – a porn actress. To proof his belief he brought a USB Stick with Steffi’s movies to the store and we watched these together.

Of course we have dedicated an edition of my podcast to Dirty Steffi’s œuvre. But I am afraid I have to tell you I am not Dirty Steffi.

Why do you love what you do?

There are two things that cross my mind immediately. The first, if all goes well, I can provide a mind-blowing experience to a total stranger in just a few minutes. This might not only directly benefit themselves and their partnerships, but also lead to more confidence and self-acceptance.

The second, I love meeting new and exciting people every day. It feels like learning tolerance and acceptance over and over again.

Life is so much more beautiful, once we stop constantly judging ourselves – and others.

Why do we need more sex positivity in our society?

Sexuality, for most people, is elementary. And it is diverse. Bodies are diverse. Sexual orientations are diverse and so are sexual preferences. Life is so much more beautiful, once we stop constantly judging ourselves – and others. Happy people screw up less. And honestly, an open mind is not that ridiculous to ask for.

What would you change in this world if you had the power?

I’d let it rain calmness, at least three times a day. More calmness brings pleasure and pleasure brings love, it is as simple as that. You can be anything you want to be – and so does everybody else.

You have one sin free, what forbidden thing would you do?

I would hire a global army of hackers to ban all hate speech, cyberbullying, and online trolling from social media and the internet per se. Not to curtail free speech, simply to stop all this hostile nonsense. Why is that forbidden at all?

When we visit you at home, what would you cook for us?

Definitely lasagna! I serve the best lasagna outside Italy. Plus, it can easily be prepared, it pairs well with a glass of red wine, and as I said, I am really good at it.

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What should everyone know about you?

Well, that I have the best podcast, the best sex shop – and the best lasagna of course!

The most inspiring person in your life?

Peaches for her style of feminism, the German comedian Loriot for his trenchant observations, and Element of Crime singer Sven Regener for his poetry. Moreover, Greta Thunberg for her courage, her unshakeable persistence and stoic determination. And, last but not least, my podcast partner Jules for her anarchic, spontaneous, non-judgmental, funny, lovely, and completely clueless questions.

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