6 Adventurous Sex Positions

In the spirit of sexual creativity and adventure…here are six sex positions to inspire you for a little walk on the wild side. Remember, it’s not always about perfection, but having some fun along the way. Bring a pillow, an open mind and your sense of humor.

Rocket Launcher Sex Position

Rocket Launcher certainly has a yoga- esque component to its shape. Both partners assume a ‘Cobra’ like position on the floor or the bed, with the penetrating partner entering from behind. Floor works a bit better, as it’s firmer – but feel free to add a yoga mat for extra padding. Prop a pillow or wedge a cushion under the receiver’s groin or hips for deeper and more intense stimulation.

All Tangled Up Sex Position

We could also call this one Passion Twist! Both you and your partner lie on your sides in opposite directions, but still able to face each other. Both of you make a scissor shape with your legs, sliding in close for an intimate interlocked shape. Explore each other’s bodies with penetration, toy play or indulge in mutual masturbation. Don’t be shy and look into each other’s eyes for added intimacy.

Forbidden Fruit Sex Position

Taste the rainbow of Forbidden Fruit! One partner sits with their knees bent and feet on the floor. The other partner faces them in a straddle position, and then moves in a ‘crab-like’ position with their pelvis raised to meet the seated partner’s face. To modify, the partner straddling the other can use the edge of a bed or couch for back support.

Eagle Sex Position

This one serves deep sensations! Lie down on your back and have your partner grab your legs, holding them in a V-shaped position while kneeling for focused thrusts. Eagle allows for experimenting with different depths, rhythms and angles for delicious g-spot or p-spot stimulation. Add in We-Vibe’s Melt or Bond and turn up the vibes!

Rocking Horse Sex Position

This is the best sex position for deep intimacy and connection! Sit between your partner’s legs, with your legs wrapped around theirs. Play with different variations on how much you wrap around your partner – from leaning back a bit to full koala. Rock back and forth for ultimate pleasure, as well as control over penetrative depth and rhythm. Perfect for g-spot penetration. Add in We-Vibe’s Tango X for targeted vibrations and rock your way to ecstasy.

Corkscrew Sex Position

Corkscrew is an incredible sex position for taking it slow and building up intensity. Recline on your side on a comfy bed or get wild on the kitchen table. You can always add in a pillow for support. Standing up next to you, your partner can then massage and tease your whole body with We-Vibe’s Touch X sensational vibrations. Press your thighs together while your partner grinds and penetrates you from behind.

If you try out all of these sex positions and feel like you’re craving more…here’s a guide to the best sex positions for 2023!

Tease with We-Vibe's Touch X

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Enhance intimacy with Melt

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