Bored? Why not enjoy an episode of “Private Parts?”

It’s your lunch break and you’re not in the mood for making small talk with your coworkers? Or are you sitting in the subway? Either way, if you have time for 15 minutes of some seriously fine entertainment, check out Venus Libido’s new YouTube series, “Private Parts.”

Before you ask, no, we aren’t just recommending it because it’s presented by Womanizer. This YouTube series really has it all. British illustrator and influencer Venus Libido leaves nothing unsaid when chatting about everything “sexy, cheeky and naughty” with her friendly guests.

Private Parts – Yep, it’s all about sex

As you’ve probably realized, “Private Parts” is about sex, sexual fulfillment, sexual empowerment and, of course, solo sex. There are discussions on toys, as well as tips from masturbation expert Nadia. One episode features trans activist Charlie Craggs, who suggests that every time a partner fails to give you an orgasm, you should steal something from them. It doesn’t matter if it’s their cat or a candle or something out of the fridge. Why not?

Model, activist and photographer Emma Breschi spoke about a sexual mishap, where ejaculate somehow got in her friend’s eye…after which the friend had a red eye for days. In short, the discussions are entertaining, but also informative. And most importantly, honest.

There are also fun and games. For example, they play penis ring toss with comedian Karen Hobbs and enjoy painting with singer-songwriter Khush Kanna. The twist is that this is all done blindfolded…and with a vibrator in their mouths. It sounds weird but it is extremely funny.

Treat yourself!

So this is our tip, don’t waste time being bored. Do something for yourself, your laughing muscles and your self-esteem. The end of every episode of Venus Libido’s “Private Parts” will definitely find you sitting there with a grin. We guarantee it.

So far there are five episodes of “Private Parts.” To discover the full set, visit the Venus Libido YouTube channel. Have fun!

Want to find out more about Venus Libido? Here we have a great interview about sexual well-being, enjoying me-time and inspiring other people.

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