Soul Sex

Soul Sex – What Is It and Can It Improve Your Sex Life?

Soul sex and mindfulness? Our author Tom Wells discovers how soul sex can improve your sex life ...

Sex and the soul

I think at some point sex can become habitual or routine, particularly when we have a long-term partner. But what if some simple techniques could make us have more powerful and pleasurable sex?

Well, there are. And one key to them all is the concept of mindfulness. By learning to be present in the moment (bear with me – I know this sounds a little wacky), you can greatly improve your sexual experience, for you and your partner if you have one. And although mindfulness may sound to many like some hippy, new-wave concept, it really can help you to have a fulfilling and healthy sex life.

We have all heard of soul-searching. Looking deep within yourself for a deeper understanding of your goals and desires. The same can be applied to sexual pleasure. Through some pretty simple techniques, you can actually improve your sexual experience and go from sex to soul sex.

So get ready to take your sex to the next level.

What is soul sex?

Sex is just not a purely physical experience. If you think about a powerful memory, often it is anchored with some of the sights and sounds you saw or smelt that day. Soul sex, or sometimes called spiritual sex, is essentially engaging all senses and being present in the moment.

This holistic view of sex is closely related to a lot of techniques such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. These disciplines preach that being present in the moment and aware of our senses can improve not only our health and happiness but also the experience itself. This can be directly applied to sex. Many of us associate meditation or yoga with techniques for relaxation. But by applying them to sex, we can gain a deeper, more vivid experience. At an individual level, this can lead to more powerful orgasms, and if you have a partner this can enhance intimacy and even improve performance.

Mindfulness is the key to unlocking soulful sex

What all of these techniques have in common is that they focus on concentration and the ability to understand your own desires. A key skill to do this is mindfulness which is the ability to acutely feel and understand a situation. Nowadays, our brains are flooded with endless streams of information like new stories and social posts. Our society encourages distraction through TV series, movies and just about anything else. But all of this diminishes our ability to focus. Mindfulness is thus that act of fighting against this ever-decreasing attention span and reclaiming this ability. And mindful sex can boost the amount of you pleasure you feel.

How can I improve mindfulness?

With all the distractions we have daily, it’s no surprise that we need to practice mindfulness to get better at it. The following techniques are relatively simple and don’t require a huge time commitment. If you have never tried them before, remember to go in with an open mind and patience. You may not notice results immediately, but you will if you stick with it.

These techniques can help you improve mindfulness:

1. Improving sex through mindfulness exercises

We have all heard of mindfulness exercises. There are plenty of apps out there that get you to focus for 15 minutes at the start of the day. Applying this same technique during sex can help keep you rooted in the moment and lead to more enjoyment. If you are looking for a bigger increase in mindfulness, you could consider a full mediation routine or class (see below).

2. Approaching soul sex with meditation

Your connection to sex can be improved through meditation. This may sound a little far-fetched but I encourage you to give it a try first. Meditation has long been associated with relieving stress and clearing the mind. The less stress or tense energy that is in your body the better your sex will be, whether on your own or with a partner. Meditation can also remove any distractions, meaning all you have left to think about is enjoying the moment.

3. Yoga can improve sexual performance

A lot of guys are not into yoga. I was also one of them for a long time. However, it has some really great benefits. For example, it can improve core strength – a lot of the poses use the same muscle groups as sexual positions, so yoga can improve sexual stamina and performance. As the poses use a wide range of motion, yoga can improve blood flow & circulation which can increase erection quality. Yoga is also great for reducing stress and muscle tension – a great basis for stronger orgasms.

4. Trying tantric sex for the soul

Tantric sex sounds more complicated and abstract than it actually is. Tantric sex combines meditation and breathing techniques to control the speed of sex and the overall sensation of pleasure. If you have already tried a yoga or meditation class, you will be surprised by how many elements are similar.

5. Soul sex through sex toy use

Part of soul searching is finding a new experience. Sexually speaking this means discovering a new sensation or type of pleasure. I think most of us guys leave a lot on the table. But being adventurous, you can unlock a new world of pleasure.

soul sex

Examples: the prostate orgasm

The prostate also called the P-spot is found about two inches inside the anus. This can be intimidating to try, but the resulting orgasm is much more powerful than a regular ejaculation. The great thing is the mindfulness techniques above can help you relax into it. You can stimulate the P-spot directly via the anus or indirectly via the taint aka perineum. Toys such as the Vector by WeVibe make this stimulation much easier to achieve. Your first prostate orgasm will definitely feel you got closer to your soul.

Wearables for couples

Couples can also increase sexual pleasure with wearable rings such as the Pivot and Verge by WeVibe which stimulate both the penis for stronger erections and the clit for extra pleasure. This can increase your intimacy and lead to soulful sex.

Take a step closer to soul sex today

Whichever technique you choose to try, remember that removing any distractions from your mind will have benefits in the bedroom. I was pretty skeptical but for me, a combination of yoga and meditation definitely improved my mindfulness. After investing around 15 minutes every evening to meditation and a weekly yoga class, I definitely noticed an increase in my ability to be aware of and feel pleasure. This may sound a little odd, but I urge you to give it a try. You might just be surprised by the results!