How to Practice Squirting

Long popular in sex-savvy circles, squirting can still feel like an elusive endeavor to most. What is squirting? Or more importantly, how to squirt? Even MORE importantly, how to make YOURSELF squirt? And for the biologically curious, is squirt pee? Let’s look at some helpful tips if you so choose to practice (key word, practice!) squirting.

What is squirting?

In the simplest of terms, female squirting is the release of liquid during sexual stimulation. Also sometimes referred to as female ejaculation, there has been much speculation about what liquid is expelled with a squirting orgasm. Also, some make a definite distinction between female ejaculation and squirting.

Common question – is squirt pee? There are mixed claims on this one, as squirting fluid consists of clear, watery liquid originating from the urethra. But, women can also ejaculate a thicker, milkier prostratic gland fluid – thus, the differentiation between squirting and female ejaculation. Check out this nifty, more science-y article if you want to deep dive. I think the biggest takeaway being that regardless of the fluid being pee or a close cousin, squirting should NEVER be shamed. We women have had enough of that. Also, feeling pressure to squirt is not okay. Not all women can squirt, so let’s treat this more like an exploration of pleasure…and if we get soaked in the process, so be it.

Step 1: Set the Scene

Take the time to make a relaxed, sexy squirting play space. Since squirting can involve the release of fluid, lay down a towel or have one ready. And certainly, turn off the phone and make sure you (or you and your partner) have the time and space to fully enjoy the process.

Step 2: Foreplay and Arousal

I cannot say this enough – foreplay, foreplay, foreplay! Kissing, whole-body self or partner massage (don’t forget those inner thighs), dirty talk, ethical porn – whatever gets you or your partner revved up and tingling for more…do it and do it slowly, consciously and with extra delicious care. Turn it up with oral sex, finger play and of course, TOYS…

My top toy pick for exploring a squirting orgasm is Womanizer’s DUO 2. More than your average rabbit vibrator, this gorgeous dual vibrator hits two sweet spots at once. The external arm kisses and massages the clitoris with Pleasure Air Technology for contactless, lush sensations. DUO 2’s flexible inner arm fits comfortably inside for powerful G-spot stimulation. You def want to find your G-spot if you’re learning how to make yourself squirt. Gold star if you’re reading this to learn how to make your partner squirt.

Step 3: G-Spot Stimulation

Located on the internal front side wall of the vagina, the G-spot is often associated with squirting orgasms. To stimulate the G-spot, insert one or two lubricated fingers into the vagina and gently curve them towards the front. Feel for a ribbed texture and apply firm but gentle pressure.

Experiment with different motions, depending on if you or a partner is trying to make you squirt. Make circular motions, stroke up and out or your partner can make “come-hither” movements. If you are learning how to make a woman squirt, then make sure you consistently check in with her!

Step 4: Relaxation and Trust

Instead of a squirting orgasm being the goal, I’d invite you to focus more on any new pleasure paths you might discover. Be guided by pleasure and support this journey with conscious breathing and relaxing into your pelvic floor. Let go of any performance-related thoughts or expectations. If you’re practicing making your partner squirt, help them relax and stay in the moment.

Step 5: Build Intense Stimulation

As things start to heat up, continue stimulating the G-spot while incorporating clitoral stimulation. Hello, Womanizer DUO 2! This combination can lead to powerful, blended orgasms and increase the chances of squirting. As you start to climax, you may feel like you need to pee or release a deep inner pressure. JUST LET GO, BABY!!!!! LETTTTTTTT GOOOOOOOOOO!

Step 7: Patience and Practice

Squirting takes time and practice. Please do not to feel discouraged if it doesn’t happen immediately. Stay patient, continue exploring, and enjoy the journey solo or with a partner.

Womanizer DUO 2


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