New! Womanizer Starlet: Discover something wonderful!

Womanizer STARLET

Good news for all adventurous women who want to try something new every now and then. Womanizer presents the new STARLET. The little Toy is a real all-rounder, and at the same time so pretty, handy and wonderful! Why? You’ll find out today. 

You’re in the mood for a special orgasm. Or maybe you’re craving some quality time with yourself. Maybe you want to explore your own body a little more to advance your sexuality. That’s great. You go, girl! And we know just the right sex toy to support your endeavors – the Starlet. It’s the perfect upgrade for those extra special, spicy me-moments.

Womanizer Starlet

Womanizer Starlet features

The Starlet comes with the innovative Pleasure Air technology, developed by Womanizer. In contrast to other sex toys, the Starlet isn’t inserted into the vagina, but instead encloses your clitoris from the outside. Dive into the world of fabulous variations in air pressure. They gently suck and massage the clitoris in balanced tandem, delicately and only indirectly stimulating that sensitive source of desire. No loss of sensitivity. No overstimulation. Just spiraling heights of pleasure! Just relax, close your eyes and let the Pleasure Air Technology do its job. The result? Gigantic orgasms. Before you ask: yes, multiple orgasms are possible. How do we know? Because we’ve created the Womanizer Starlet in collaboration with a global test pool of 400 users of all ages to ensure it provides the perfect orgasm. The Starlet is a homage to the female body!

You won’t want to let anything else near your clitoris after using the Starlet – apart from your partner’s tongue perhaps. That’s a guarantee!

Two buttons to bliss

You don’t have to be a professional in all things sex to have fun with the Starlet. On the contrary, the little companion has been specifically developed for intuitive use. You may even use it with just one hand. This makes it perfect for solo sex, but also pleasurable times together. It comes with four perfectly balanced intensity levels which you can control via two knobs. Thanks to its ergonomic design the Starlet fits perfectly into the hand.

Best of all, the toy is 100% waterproof. That means you get to enjoy many pleasurable hours in the bath tub, the pool or even a lake if you’re in the mood for an open-air adventure during those hot summer hours. Get ready for the best summer of your life!

Womanizer STARLET 3– Take a closer Look

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