Review Roundup: Womanizer PREMIUM

When it comes to your pleasure, never settle for anything less than premium. That was certainly the thinking behind the design of the Womanizer PREMIUM, the clitoral stimulator that pulsates with pleasure waves and has excess style to spare.

This handheld wonder has won over the hearts and clitorises of users everywhere who absolutely rave about its zero-to-orgasm in no time flat capabilities. If you have never experienced the unique sensation of PleasureAir™ technology, the Womanizer PREMIUM is the pinnacle of this particular kind of sex tech.

But don’t simply take our word for it: reviewers from all corners of the internet have had their say about the Womanizer PREMIUM. See what they have to say before taking the leap and pursuing these particular premium pleasures for yourself.

Good Housekeeping

“This vibrator went down very well with our testers, with 90% of them saying that they feel more sexually satisfied as a result of using the Womanizer Premium. This is an undeniably luxurious looking vibrator. All of our testers praised it for being more attractive than they expected and 90% felt it was also discreet in appearance. This vibrator is doubly discreet as 90% of testers agreed it was quiet in use.”

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“You never expect the Womanizer. She sneaks up on you one day and ruins all other vibrators forever. IT IS MAGIC. The first time I used it, I legit orgasmed in less than two minutes. That’s 120 seconds, people.”

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“The Pleasure Air technology is a distinctive feature that has turned tables undoubtedly in the sphere of chic toys. It has 2 new features that add to its overall performance and is also made from body-safe silicone that’s soft to the touch.”

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Venus O’Hara

How To Use Womanizer PREMIUM

Miss Ruby Reviews

“I hands-down recommend this toy. The Womanizer Premium is a glossier, jacked-up version of the Womanizer Classic.” Read more on Miss Ruby Reviews Womanizer


“The Womanizer Premium is the best of the best – and my personal favorite clit suction toy. The Premium has an amazing range of intensities – from low teasy pulses, to super intense, oh my god yes levels!”

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Womanizer PREMIUM

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