New Decade, New Moves – Newest Sex Trends in 2022

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As old as the concept of sex is, it seems you really can find a new twist on intimacy. Over the past few years, concepts like polyamory and practices like BDSM have become more and more mainstream. Even sociopolitical movements like #METOO have had an effect on how we enjoy sex. So what are the newest sex trends you expect to see in the bedroom in 2022…?

It might sound weird to describe a concept related to sex as “trendy” when there rarely is something truly “new” when it comes to sex. Although long-established, the trends we have chosen are ones that have grown in popularity and are almost mainstream as of 2022.

Latest Sex Trends: Taking Intimacy Virtual

2021 was quite a reset for a lot of us. Whether you were single, long-distance lovers, or in a long-term relationship, intimacy took on a different role in our lives. Just as people had to learn how to reconnect without the comfort of physical closeness, technology caught up to match this need. Apps became the new norm. We-Connect, the digital platform linked to We-Vibe toys, surged in downloads. With video chat functions as well as the capacity to control the toy remotely, this app helped people link up with their partner – despite physical obstacles like canceled flights and lockdowns. Although things look like they’re improving in the next year, for some people this app has become a newly integral element to their relationships.

nova 2

Trendy Toys

What toy could be the better option to start 2021 with? We-Vibe’s Nova 2 is not only a great toy for wellness and mindfulness, it also features all the best tech you’ve been waiting for. Deep powerful vibes can be controlled from the ease of a mobile touchscreen. Blended orgasms have never been easier!

Discreet fun – sex toy trends at home and beyond

Wearables have been a popular choice for those interested in playtime of a more risqué nature but now innovative tech has made them even more of a must-try. With app controls and even internally wearable devices, these are the hottest toys of 2022 for good reason.

we-vibe jive detail o-diaries

Wearable Fun

New toys mean new experiences. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your solo and partner play, a wearable might be perfect for you. Whether you’re in the movies, at a bar or even just the supermarket, you can enjoy some deep, powerful vibes with the discretion of an internal toy.

Open Communication

People are discussing sex more openly than ever before. Topics like consent, preferences and even sexual health are now well and truly on the table. Long stigmatized as potential “mood killers” or even turn-offs, talking openly about your concerns before getting intimate is much more normalized now – to the benefit of everybody involved. The more discussion there is, the less room for misunderstanding or uninformed decision making.

Weed and Sex

While it’s been a popular pair for a long time, the widespread legalization of marijuana has meant that different strains are now so refined that some are specifically developed as sexual aids. While natural lubricants are an option, smoking is also supposed to encourage arousal and help get things started.

We-Vibe Sync

Gender Neutral Sex Toys

Sex toys are stepping into the future with a more open mindset. As one of the biggest trends of 2020, you’ll see exciting new releases in non-gender specific anal toys, clamps and – the one we’re most excited about – the We-Vibe Chorus.

The Chorus can be integrated into sex easily, with one end inserted into the vagina and the other resting externally to precisely stimulate their partner too, regardless of gender! Additionally, this toy is great for alone time too. Featuring the new reliable AnkorLink connectivity, you can control it via the app or just pop it in and let your thighs do the talking for you. That’s right, the toy judges intensity levels based on how tightly you squeeze your thighs together. Now that’s what I call intuitive.

New Trends in Sex: Sexual Health Takes the Stage

STDs were once a total no-go topic, but now that the lines of communication around sex and intimacy are so much more open – it’s fine and even considerate to be upfront about STDs. Whether it’s discussing when you were last tested or what protection you need to use, intimate partners are more receptive than ever to talking about sexual health. And that’s a good prognosis for everyone!


Tantra has been a fairly well-known concept for a while… so what’s Taoism? As Dr. Cheryl Fraser outlines, taking steps to be fully in the moment and connect with your own body and your partner can have a huge impact on sex. Taoism is a fairly simple practice that focuses on extending pleasure by holding off from ejaculating and pampering the female energy as much as possible.

Wand by We-Vibe

Mindful and Meditative Sex

Mindfulness and meditation might not be the first things you associate with masturbation, but just remember: reconnecting with yourself doesn’t have to mean hours of silent reflection in remote hill-top temple. Instead, mindfulness and feeling relaxed for some people means lying in a bathtub with your favorite toy.

As more and more people become aware of the importance of taking time out and mental health, masturbation is an increasingly popular method through which this is achieved. Take We-Vibe’s Wand for example. This versatile toy is not only a whole body massager, but also a great companion for the aforementioned “bathtub me-time.” Plus, it has a joystick control pad that is so easy to use, your focus will safely remain on you and not on messing around trying to find the right setting.

Technology Gets Intimate

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about those creepy hyper-real sex dolls. Instead we’re talking about apps. There’s an app for everything and now there’s even app to help you stay intimate with your partner regardless of distance.

The We-Connect app works with selected We-Vibe products and lets your partner control your device from the other room or even another country. It takes remote intimacy to another level: Touch mode translates every movement on-screen to a unique vibration, even allowing the creation of custom stimulation patterns. Beat mode matches stimulation patterns to the music of your choice

As we transition into a new decade, it’s worth checking in with yourself and your partner. Maybe something new and exciting is the perfect way to take your relationship and sex life to the next level. And even if you don’t add any of these into your permanent repertoire, it’s always fun to try them out…

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