“Systematic love? It works!”: O Talk with orgasm researcher Dr. Patricia Heitmann

There’s always something new to learn – even when it comes to sex. That’s why our author Edith Löhle invited Dr. Patricia Heitmann for an interview with O Talk. Following her university education in chemistry and education and a subsequent doctorate in educational science, Patricia now focuses on researching love and orgasm. Love psychology, orgasm science and self-confidence formulas – her coaching program for singles and couples has a lot to offer.

We need to talk: According to data, 50% of women aren’t interested in sex?!

In her day-to-day coaching work, Patricia encourages an increased sexual drive in women by focusing on their self-image and awareness. “As a sexual being, how do I see myself? Is it a black and white image, perhaps a little out of focus, far away? Or do I not want to see myself at all? Ideally, the image is in bright colors, it’s 3D, there’s Dolby surround – and I’m right in the middle of it – me as a sexual being”. According to Patricia, self-love promotes an improved sex life.

In the following video interview with O Talk, Patricia shares how to be nicer to oneself, the methods she teaches for a G-spot orgasm and the latest scientific revelations about sex and love. Let’s start the show!

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