Travel with Toys: 5 Tips for a Spicier Vacation

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Sunscreen, lint roller, spare charger – there are a number of must-haves when it comes to hitting the road. Whether you’re spending the night away on a work trip or heading somewhere beach-adjacent for a tropical getaway, packing can be stressful even before you get to the tricky decision of which toy to bring. Luckily, we have some tips on making your holiday break spicier with a few simple additions.

Tip #1: The Value of Versatility

Just like packing a random warm jacket in case the weather takes a surprise turn, keep the same attitude towards adaptability for your toys. That doesn’t mean pack 3 to 10 of your bedroom favorites, instead, just choose a toy that you know works in a few different ways.

Traveling alone? Sure, take your most solo play toy… but why not factor in the chance of guests and make it one that works for both solo and partner play? A slim toy like We-Vibe Melt is not only perfect for some sensual solo moments, but it is also compact enough that you can enjoy it with a partner without feeling clunky or in the way.

Tip #2: Refreshingly Rechargeable

While you look over your list and make sure you’ve packed your passport, stay in the double-checking mindset when it comes to toys too. If you’re taking your favorite rechargeable with you, don’t forget to take the charging cable too!

Picture this: you’re settling in for a spicy session in a new, exciting destination and really getting into the good vibes. But then suddenly… your toy sputters out and leaves you feeling all worked up with nowhere to go. If it sounds like we’re speaking from personal experience… we totally are! Take our word for it, take the charging cable, and keep you and your toy ready to play at any time.

Tip #3: New Sensations

New location, new atmosphere… why not add some further spice to your vacation vibes with some new sensations. Whether you want to try a new toy on the road or dip your toe into some new foreplay techniques, vacations are a time to let loose and explore things beyond the everyday.

Our tip? Whether you’re on a beach weekend or a cabin in a snowy landscape, a sensual massage is the perfect (and travel-friendly) way to spice up your foreplay. Forget lugging around handcuffs or blindfolds, just pack a little vial of massage oil and bookmark your favorite insider guides to sensual massages like lingam and other techniques.

Tip #4: Keep It Simple

Before you get too deep into planning the many ways you’ll make this the spiciest holiday yet, take a step back. While it’s tempting to want to cram as many exciting experiences into your vacation break, the best way to enjoy a sensual getaway is to take the pressure off and keep things relaxing.

If you’re traveling with a partner, don’t feel like you’ll need to debut a new position every night or have the lingerie on hand. Take things at your own pace and communicate clearly about what you’d like to try and when you’d like to take a break.

For solo travelers, it’s even more straightforward. Slide into the intimacy with a relaxing bath or long shower. Take the time to center yourself within your own skin and prioritize using your holiday as a time to connect with yourself on every level.

Tip #5: Suitcase Subtlety

Back to the practical side of things: airport security. Traveling with toys can be an anxiety-inducing adventure when it comes to going through security at the airport. While most modern toys are pretty discreet, there is still often a worry that our bag will be checked at random and a puzzled officer will ask, “What’s this?” in front of the whole queue.

That’s why a toy like Womanizer Liberty is a pretty safe bet. With the hygiene cap on the toy, it stays clean in a suitcase and isn’t instantly recognizable as a toy. For the anxious airport visitor, simply placing the Liberty amongst your make up bag or toiletries is a great way to keep it discreet and keep all of those ready-to-be-raised eyebrows firmly in place.

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