The Morning After

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I wake up way too early. It’s Sunday and I should actually sleep in and wake up a little less hungover at noon. But no. It’s 7:35 AM and the sun shines through the window into my face. A slight headache is there, but luckily nothing too bad. As you get older, you get a bit more sensible. Or maybe not, as I look beside me and watch you sleeping. What was I thinking? The last time I picked up a one night stand was years ago.

You sleep peacefully and even snore a little. It’s actually quite sweet. The pictures from last night flash through my mind like lightning. Hot, exciting, a little embarrassing. Before I fall into the classic hangover mood of most Sundays, I decide to get up, take a shower, make coffee and just let you sleep. I wonder what will happen when you wake up?

The night before…

Actually, I wasn’t in the mood to go out yesterday. But Marie would have killed me if I’d missed her birthday. For her sake I pulled myself together, put on my favorite dress and put make-up on my tired eyes. I had no idea yet what would become of the lipstick later. When I arrived, the party was already in full swing. Three shots later and an indefinable amount of wine, the mostly unfamiliar people were no longer so strangers to me and the effects of the week had vanished.

The red lipstick might have changed my night.

When I look around briefly and check my phone, you catch my eye. Big, dark hair, beard, bright green-blue eyes, black shirt. You stand away from the group, sip your beer and nod your head to the music. I would never approach you. Much too attractive. I disappear outside to get some fresh air. When I want to go back to the apartment, you come out and stumble across the doorway. Your beer lands on my dress. To be exact, in my neckline. Cold and unbelievably disgusting. I stand in front of you, look at you questioningly and you start to stammer. “Shit… oh… sorry! That was an accident! Your dress! Shit. Sorry.”

Somehow it’s sweet how this attractive, self-confident man suddenly becomes so insecure. “No problem! It’s only beer. Who doesn’t like to smell like beer?” We laugh and you put your hand on my shoulder. “Let’s go to the bathroom and find some towels.”

You hand me a towel and I dab myself dry. I have noticed that you keep taking a look at my neckline. Fortunately I’m wearing a nice bra. “It’s fine… nobody will notice that! For sure they’ll only notice your smile. Sorry! Do you want to get something to drink?”

“Gladly. By the way, I’m Lena.”

“Hello Lena. I’m Max.”

With drinks we sit in the windowsill in the kitchen. Time flies by and it turns out that we get along really well. You whisper in my ear, “I didn’t want to come today. The fact that I met you here makes the evening unexpectedly good.”

I don’t know what to say. My knees get weak and all I want is to kiss you. We leave the apartment and walk up a few stairs. Nobody says a word, it’s pitch-black. I stop, take your hand and say “Kiss me.”

I want you – now!

We kiss, your touches get wilder. Quickly your hands wander over my back and ass. I embrace the back of your head and tangle my fingers into your hair. You kiss my neck down to my neckline. You start to laugh and let go of me. I look puzzled, you grin and say: “You taste like beer. Every man’s dream.” I have to laugh and kiss you again.

You push me against the wall behind me and feel me under my dress. Your hand brushes over my panties and pushes it to the side.

What’s the plan here? Will I cut it off and stay good or will I take you with me? Did I shave my legs? Do I have condoms there? Before I can collect my thoughts, I feel your hand on my breasts. “Your bra didn’t go unnoticed. And you have incredibly beautiful breasts anyway!”
Again my knees get weak and I just want you even more. I start to open the first buttons for you and smell your beguiling cologne on your chest. I courageously grab your crotch and begin to feel and massage everything through your trousers.
“Suggestion. I go back, say goodbye to Marie and call a taxi. You stay here for two more minutes and calm down a bit. Then you follow me out and we drive to my place.” Your hands keep moving and quickly make me tremble. Just a few touches on my clitoris and I am completely wet. You take your hand away and graze your fingers over my lips. You kiss me and smile at me. “Tastes good! I’ll see you in the taxi!”

A taxi ride as foreplay

You’re slowly opening your pants and I can’t believe you’re pulling your dick out. Hopefully the taxi driver doesn’t notice anything. I’m too horny and drunk to worry about it. I start to massage you and am thrilled by what I see. Bulging, uncut, thick and lined with small veins. I can hardly hold back from blowing you in the taxi already.

“8.75 please.”

I give the taxi driver a 10 and we disappear as fast as we can. At my door, I can hardly get it open because your hands already touch me everywhere. You press yourself from behind to me and pull my butt to your hard cock. Your pants are still open and the shirt just laid over it.

The door falls shut behind us and we move kissing into my room. With one movement, you pull my underwear down and hold my dress up. I stand there with slightly spread legs and enjoy how your tongue explores my lips. You look directly into my eyes as you put two fingers deep into my pussy. A loud moan is my answer. You come up and keep your fingers in me.

“I want to fuck you Lena! You are unbelievably hot and I can no longer hold back. Tell me if I need to stop.”

I take a condom out of the box and point to the bed. You understand immediately and lie down. I decide to spoil your cock a little with my mouth first. I don’t have much work anymore. After so much warming up, you are hard and unbelievably excited. I have to take care that you don’t come immediately. I would like to feel you in me. For a long time I occupy myself with your balls and enjoy the slight trembling when I have them completely in my mouth. Also your moaning, when my tongue wanders almost up to your ass, makes me incredibly horny.

I want to look you in the eyes when you come!

The condom is quickly unwrapped and gently pulled with my mouth over your cock. When I want to sit on you, you pull me up. “Oh no sweetie! I take what I need.” With a jerk I lie on my stomach and you bring me into position. Slightly spread legs, the bottom a little upwards. Again, your fingers in me. But this time three and one against my butt hole.

Unexpected yet nevertheless dirty and exciting. Then you finally begin to fuck me. Fast and hard and together we move. Without thinking, you feel around and grab one of my anal plugs from its box. You introduce the vibrating plug while you hold me at the hips and take me hard. I want to look you in the eye when you come! So I turn around and take my legs up.

We both can’t hold back anymore and I am overcome by an intense orgasm. Your thumb presses on my clitoris and your balls clapped against the plug. Two thrusts later you are also done. Completely out of breath, you look at me satisfied, sink down on me, kiss my breasts. We kiss and you disappear into the bathroom. You come back with two glasses of water and it all feels so familiar.

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The morning after

I get out of the shower and get dressed. With a fresh feeling I go into the kitchen and make a coffee. I sing along with the songs from the radio and dance around a little. Suddenly you are standing in the door frame. “Good morning, Goldielocks. I see you have hidden talents.” A lie and yet I have to smile.

You stand there in just your underwear and look unbelievably good!

“You smell good! Can I take a shower too?”

“Sure! Towels are in the bathroom. There’s a fresh toothbrush in the closet.” Another kiss on the forehead and you disappear in the bathroom.

And what’s next? I don’t know what the rules are. Do I give you my number or do I ask if that was a one-off or do we have sex again?

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