Womanizer DUO 2 Review: My Experience

Can blended orgasms get even better? Womanizer’s launch of the new DUO 2 answers with yes, they can! Our author tries this unique toy for herself for a no-holds barred Womanizer DUO review

Price: €€€

Womanizer Vibrator Features:

  • Pleasure Air™ Technology
  • Smart Silence™ Technology
  • 10 vibration modes
  • Now with 14 intensity levels
  • Elegant design and new colors
  • Added Afterglow feature
  • Waterproof

What Womanizer says:

“No matter if you are a demanding connoisseur or enjoy incredible orgasms – the Womanizer DUO 2 takes you to new highs again and again, all thanks to simultaneous stimulation. The DUO 2’s clitoral stimulator is designed like a classic Womanizer vibrator, sucking and kissing the clitoris with Pleasure Air™ Technology. In addition, the DUO 2 includes a powerful G-spot vibrator to create rich sensations. With more intensity levels and an Afterglow feature, the DUO 2 invites you to indulge in whole body orgasms.”

What We Think of This Womanizer Toy

As the ‘new and improved’ version of an already fabulous toy, the Womanizer™ DUO 2 promises a lot – and it lives up to it all. For those who don’t find it easy to decide between vaginal and clitoral stimulation or would like to have both, this toy is the perfect all-rounder. One for all, so to speak. It offers two hours of running time, so plenty of time to try out all the smart features that the DUO 2 has to offer. The new Afterglow feature is just a button away and adds a relaxing smooth finish.

The DUO 2’s color selection continues in the original’s sophistication and style. Choose from new colors including petrol blue and lilac. The toy looks very chic in its color-coordinated packaging with a viewing window to immediately see all features. This naturally awakens the desire to unpack the DUO 2 and get started. And when you hold the toy in your hand for the first time, you are instantly taken with the ergonomic shape, which adapts perfectly to the body and feels silky smooth to the touch. A satin bag is supplied to take it with you at all times.

DUO 2: Expect Bolder, Breathtaking Orgasms

As an advanced toy for the pleasure connoisseur, the DUO 2 offers a wide range of ways to play. Simultaneous stimulation being at the core of creating your own pleasure rituals. On the one hand you can enjoy 14 intensity levels in which Womanizer’s Pleasure Air™ Technology pampers the clitoris. At the same time, the DUO 2 is also one of the strongest vibrators on the market, with ten vibration levels for intense enjoyment. And there’s plenty of scope to find the intensity that’s right for you.

The great thing is that the stages can be started independently of each other. For example, you can start with internal vaginal stimulation and add clitoral stimulation later. Boredom is never on the menu with this toy. Instead, a whole new, intense orgasm from head to toe awaits you. In order not to be distracted, the DUO 2 has Smart Silence™ Technology, which ensures that the toy only starts when it comes into contact with the skin.

The Long & Short of It:

Life already consists of so many decisions, but you don’t have to make a decision here. This Womanizer toy fulfills all wishes thanks to the great features on a very high level.

Because the DUO 2 is waterproof, you can also enjoy it in the bathtub or shower. It is ideal for all those who just want to let themselves go and ride waves of pleasure. The DUO 2 is truly better living through blended orgasms.

What’s a whole body orgasm feel like? Find out with the DUO 2…

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