Can CBD oil improve your sex life?

More and more people use CBD oil during lovemaking. Our author explains how CBD oil can improve your sex life and what you should pay attention to.

You may have heard rumours that CBD oil can make your Vagina high… and it’s not too far from the truth. While relatively new to the mainstream market, CBD is widely available in a variety of forms; from oils to topical creams, edibles and beverages. But recently, CBD has made it’s way into a more sensual form that aims to make sex even more pleasureable. Introducing CBD lube.

As CBD is still emerging, there are a few big questions we should ask before we invite it into sex.

(Disclaimer: I am not an expert in CBD products, I’ve done no formal research and I do not professionally recommend CBD products to my clients. In this piece I write about it from a personal and anecdotal perspective. When I speak about CBD, I speak from my own experiences and from conversations I’ve had with people who use CBD products.)

Why are people using CBD oil?

People are turning to CBD during sex for a range of reasons. Some use it to reduce pain from chronic conditions like endometriosis, others use it for increased pleasure and more intense orgasms, and others use it to ease stress and anxiety so they can feel present and free from mental angst. Amazingly it can also be used to increase lubrication during sex. As there are cannabinoid receptors in the tissues in our genitals, CBD can increase blood flow to these tissues, which ultimately increases sensitivity and promotes the body’s own natural lubricants. Some people may also choose to use CBD as it can relax their mind and body and allows for sex to be more enjoyable. These are some of the transformational benefits.

Who can use it?

CBD lubes won’t have as much effect on the skin or shaft of the penis because it is less absorbent than the vaginal canal. However, it can be effective for people with penises / men if they are using it during bum play. The rectum is capable of absorbing different ingredients, CBD included. And we all have rectums – so really, everyone can use it!

What does it feel like?

CBD lube can induce the feeling of warmth and relaxation. Orgasms can be leg-trembling, eye-rolling, full-body experiences. For some the sensation may feel a little too intense, too warm and sometimes even sharp. So it’s important to test gradually in small doses.

Can your genitals get high?

CBD is non-psychoactive, so your genitals will not get high, THC are the molecules that get you high. While CBD doesn’t have psychoactive effects, it may boost your mood by enhancing a neurotransmitter called anandamide. Anandamide is a feel good neurotransmitter which is associated with oxytocin, my favourite hormone, known as the ‘cuddle hormone’. CBD helps increase the neurotransmitters and endorphins that we naturally make on our own, which can enhance sexual experience rather than making your genitals feel high.

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What does the research tell us?

Some experts are skeptical about CBD’s effects due to limited specialised research, more studies are needed before conclusions can be drawn. There is a great amount of excitement around the potential for health and sexuality, but we need solid evidence particularly for using it as a topical application. If you are interested, I urge you to do your own research and find as much information or personal experiences as you can.

Anecdotal evidence has turned me into a believer and lover of CBD products.

Despite the lack of clinical trials, in my experience and through conversations with people who use CBD Lube, it can transform your sex-life to be pain free, stress free and mind blowingly pleasurable. Anecdotal evidence has turned me into a believer and lover of CBD products. If you’re interested or curious about experimenting with CBD lube, do your research, buy quality products, find your ideal dose, use it before you start having sex (it can sometimes take 30-60mins before it kicks in), take it slow, and enjoy the experience

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