How to become a sexually empowered woman

Sure, cultural stereotypes of sexy women all possess similar physical traits: long hair, great cleavage and legs for days.  But in reality, if you were to stop and think of three everyday people you know who ooze sex appeal, I’m willing to wage a bet they don’t all necessarily fit this archetype. That’s because sexiness actually has very little to do with how a person looks, and a lot more to do with the way they carry themselves. 

Why people think, that I am sexy

I’m regularly told I “ooze sex appeal”, by both men and women, and guess what? My hair isn’t long, my body is wildly average, and I can only muster up cleavage when I wear one of those industrial-strength push-up bras. 

What makes me sexy is the fact I own it. I own my imperfect body, my soft stomach and my small boobs. I don’t try to angle myself during sex to conceal my fat rolls or my double chin. I’m free in my body; that’s what makes me ‘sexy’. Speaking of Body Positivity...

Sexually empowered woman: What it really means

Being sexually empowered means owning your body and your sexuality. It means not trying to stifle or hide it. And the great news is, we all have the power to do it. We can all be incredibly sexy, simply by taking ownership of who we are. 

Because you don’t need to drop a dress size or get a makeover to be sexy. Your sexy potential already lives within you. So own it, and be the sexually empowered woman you deserve to be. 

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