What is the prostate – and what can it do for me?

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The term “prostate” often crops up in talks about health problems, which is not super sexy! However, the prostate is an important male organ that can provide intense orgasms through targeted stimulation. Here are tips for a tingling prostate massage…

What exactly is the prostate?

The prostate is also called the prostate gland and belongs to the internal sex organs of men (such as the testicles and the vas deferens (sperm tube)). The prostate gland is about the size of a chestnut and weighs around 20 grams. The prostate is important for spermatogenesis (creating sperm), the closure of the urinary bladder and hormone metabolism and is located between the urinary bladder and the pelvic floor. OK, science less over – let’s get to the really important questions!

Why can prostate stimulation provide intense orgasms?

First off, the prostate is an extremely sensitive organ and therefore very receptive to stimulation. Through both internal and external massage, men can experience profound climaxes. Supposedly, the intensity of a prostate orgasm is about 30 percent more intense than the ‘normal’ orgasm, so it’s well worth giving it a try! If you read sex tips and guides, you’ll notice that the prostate is often neglected – the female G-spot is discussed far more often, perhaps because there’s a lot of misinformation and insecurity among guys that any sort of anal play makes you less “manly”. People of any sexuality and gender presentation that have a prostate can enjoy its stimulation. Time to get wise and join the sexual revolution!


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Tips for a hot prostate massage

There are several options for a prostate massage. You can insert your finger a little way into the anus. If you don’t want to do that, you can use a sex toy. The prostate can also be massaged from the outside. To do this, the sensitive area between the scrotum and anus is stimulated. This pressure on the prostate provides particularly intense orgasms.

Simply make circular movements around the prostate with light to medium pressure. Vary the intensity every now and then and see how your partner reacts. Depending on how they like it, you can also stimulate their penis with your hand or mouth at the same time.

A little advice:

  • Start slowly and gently, because as mentioned, the prostate is a particularly sensitive organ.
  • Practice makes perfect: Sometimes it takes a little longer to get the right spot.
  • Make sure your hands are clean and your fingernails short.
  • Use a water-based lubricant, especially for anal penetration.

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