Tender on Tinder

Tender on Tinder

Today is finally the day. After a few days of texting, we finally have a date. I know the basics about you. What you do for a living, that you have a little brother, you’re divorced. I’ve even got a few dick pics from you. But I’m dying to know what you smell like and how you’ll feel.


I get out of the shower and do my standard routine. Moisturizer, perfume, some light make-up. To be honest, I’ve sent enough selfies that I don’t really feel the pressure to look like anything other than myself.

My phone beeps in my room, and I see a message from you.

“Will you show me what you’ll be wearing underneath?” It’s unexpected but, whatever, I’m down.

I take a quick snap of my bra and you write back straight away with some very suggestive emojis.


It’s time. I walk to the little bar around the corner. I know the bartender and if it all goes bad, he’ll have a consolation beer with me.


As I walk in, I can already see you standing to greet me. You hug me and, after a quick hello, you offer to grab me a drink. Instead, I come with you to the bar and order for myself – I’ve always been wary about drinks but you don’t seem to take offence.

We sit outside, relax with our drinks and the small talk flows easily.


We’ve slowly moved closer and closer. I notice how you keep looking down at my neckline and smirk to myself.

Eventually you move closer and your hand moves down my neck and pulls me to you. We kiss lightly but it actually gets a little out of control quickly. Luckily, the street is deserted.


We stand in the entryway of my apartment. Your hand caresses my breast and I undo two buttons on your shirt.

Your hand continues to wander over my stomach. You notice that my skin twitches a little and laugh. We keep kissing and I feel your hand moving lower.

You start to massage me and my own hand slides down your front and I feel your cock in your pants. You’re so hard already. It’s time to move to the bedroom.


You lean against the wall of the my room and your pants go down to your knees. I grab your ass and pull you towards my mouth. I want you to fuck my mouth a little.

After a minute or so, you pull me up, kiss me and just shake your head. “I don’t want to cum yet, lie down.”

You push me on the bed and I turn onto my back. I lie before you with my legs spread wide apart. You don’t hold back and I groan loudly. You let go, wiping me from your lips and admiring how wet I am. Your fingers start massaging my clit before you move up to kiss me at the same time.

You lie on top of me and I enjoy your weight and your chest on mine. With a long push, you’re inside me.

I’m usually not so vocal during sex, but I’m so turned on that I beg you to fuck me.

You almost pull it out again and push hard. Faster and faster and harder. It almost hurts a little bit, but I can feel myself coming. Just before I come, you put your hand on my neck. Squeeze it and ask me to come for you. You want me to twitch around your dick.

I grab the sheet and come loudly. You slow down and fall to the side and start laughing. You’ve rolled onto my bullet vibrator. Oops, apparently I forgot to put it away. I’m surprised when you position me on top of you and take the vibrator in hand. This is definitely new.

I ride you and you use the tiny bullet vibrator on me until I come again and you finally come too.


We both lie there quietly – a little sweaty and rumpled, like the sheets.

I smile when you roll over to face me and say, “Well, that was a pretty good first date, right?”

We-Vibe Tango

We-Vibe Tango

The We-Vibe Tango is a compact bullet vibrator, perfect for both solo time and partner play.

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