Womanizer Liberty 2 Review

The holiday season is synonymous with travel for many of us. What better time to try out the new and improved Womanizer Liberty 2? Always happy to assist, I took this upgraded classic travel Pleasure Air clitoral toy for a spin…or two.

What Womanizer Says

Liberty 2 is the ultimate travel companion offering Womanizer’s original Pleasure Air Technology in a compact size giving users the chance to take pleasure wherever they go. This discreet toy is packed with power with 8 exciting and improved intensity levels. The Liberty 2 comes with a hygienic cover case and secure travel lock, making it a convenient and safe option for those on the go.

What I Think

Right off the bat, the Liberty 2’s new eco-friendly packaging looks super chic. Once I got the toy in hand, it felt delightfully soft to the touch with silky body safe silicone serving a higher end look and feel than the original. Plus, the new color palette got quite the update! Choose from sage, purple, dark petrol and vibrant rose. At €99, the Liberty 2 offers an affordable way into the world of Womanizer’s long-lasting Pleasure Air products.

My favorite upgraded feature is the magnetic travel case. With a satisfying click, I know my toy will be kept clean and safe during our adventures together. Plus, there’s the new travel lock which means no embarrassing surprises in the suitcase!

For power, Womanizer added 2 more intensity levels for a total of 8. With this level of choice in such a compact toy, the term travel buddy takes on new meaning. Adventures on the road, but also in pleasure! I would recommend the Liberty 2 as a beginner friendly toy for those looking to discover Pleasure Air clitoral massage sensations. But also incredible for more seasoned users such as myself who want to pack light and still bring a little fun along the way!

Womanizer Liberty 2

Features Recap

  • Pleasure Air Technology clitoral suction toy
  • 8 Intensity Levels
  • Travel Lock
  • Secure Travel Case
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Body-safe silicone.
  • USB Rechargeable

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