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It doesn’t matter if you’re looking through academic journals or women’s magazines, it is repeated over and over: women masturbate less often than men do. However, you rarely find concrete figures to back this up. That’s why we at O*Diaries took the matter into our own hands and commissioned a study to finally get to the bottom of the real relationship between women and masturbation…

Who would have thought it? Just 9% of all German women enjoy solo sex on a weekly basis. In comparison, around 12% of all French women do it at least once a week. These numbers about how women masturbate put Germany and France in the middle ground when compared with international statistics.

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English and Swiss women are particularly active when it comes to masturbation. The latter enjoy themselves 3.3 times a week on average, while twice a week is the norm for English women.

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According to statistics, Australians are a little more restrained and only take matters into their own hands 3 times a month. Americans are even more shy when it comes to masturbation, with just 38% of all women in the US stating that they enjoy solo sex at all.

Women and how often they masturbate: clearly less than men

This information is backed by our study, which was ran in cooperation with Statista. As much as the numbers vary from country to country, the infographics highlight the general trend of women masturbating far less frequently than men.

# I Masturbate

So the question arises, why is that? Do women have less of a libido? Not likely. Are women unsure of what they need or what they like? Maybe. Above all, masturbation for women remains a taboo topic.

We at Womanizer want to change this. On one the hand, we aim to do this with our products and on the other with our #I MASTURBATE campaign. This is because we believe masturbation is active self-love. Whether you’re cisgender or transgender, man, woman or non-binary, gay, straight or bi: we want all people to have the opportunity to lead a sexually fulfilled life. In order to do this, we are informing, empowering and inviting everyone to join the dialogue.

And who knows, maybe this study is a first step in the right direction.

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