Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker for Men Review 

Arcwave Ion on Bed

The O*Diaries presents the Arcwave Ion review – a new Pleasure Air stroker designed for the penis – a new kind of male orgasm!

 Today, we are having all the fun of an Arcwave Ion review – taking a look at the groundbreaking Pleasure Air Stroker for men Arcwave is a new brand in the world of sex products and has created a lot of buzz, particularly surrounding the Ion – their flagship product.  

This buzz stems from some of the claims that Arcwave is making, particularly that Ion can enable men to feel something similar to a female orgasm.  

How Does Arcwave Ion work?

A quick look at the science behind the claim that Arcwave Ion gives a “female orgasm” is important, because a lot of products make wild claims based on nothing. Arcwave Ion, however, really is properly researched. They measured the peaks of arousal in men and women when they orgasmed and found that men usually have a steady pace then an orgasm at the end. Women, however, have thrilling peaks of pleasure, and apparently climax harder at the end, too? This is because the clitoris – the center of female pleasure – has around 8,000 nerve endings… more than the entire penis! A lot of our biology is actually very similar, however – the clitoris has these magical things called Pacinian receptors, which pick up pleasurable feelings. It turns out, the penis also has Pacinian receptors too – just not everywhere. The penis’ Pacinian receptors are in the frenulum – that’s the small, super-sensitive patch of skin on the underside of the penis where the shaft and the head join (you may have heard this referred to as the “banjo string”). If there are the same pleasure receptors in the penis as there are in the clitoris, it makes sense that, maybe, you could use a similar toy to stimulate both. I’d heard through the grapevine about guys trying a Womanizer toy on their penis – with varying results. The small stimulation head on a Womanizer toy is good for the frenulum, but the overall design of the toy is built for the shape of a woman’s body, so it’s tricky to use. Enter Womanizer’s partner brand Arcwave – using the same Pleasure Air technology (more on that later), Arcwave Ion houses a stimulator in a smooth silicone stroker designed for the penis and BOOM! A whole new orgasm for men was born. Pretty cool, huh? This is something that no other sex toy on the market offers, making Ion totally unique.

We have examined the Ion in detail to see if it lives up to the hype. Our testers pull no punches – especially when it comes to something as exciting as male sex toy reviews – so let’s dive straight in. 

First Impressions & Unboxing 

Wow. They say you only have one chance to make a first impression, and Arcwave Ion makes one heck of a first impression!

First off, Arcwave Ion comes in sleek packaging and looks great at first glance. The box is a smooth white with an artsy picture of the Arwave Ion on the front with swish blue light effects highlighting the Pleasure Air stimulator within the toy. It has all the go-faster stripes of advertising for men, but in a very chic, modern-looking way. 

Arcwave Ion box contents:

  • Arcwave Ion male stroker toy
  • Charging base
  • Charging base cover
  • USB cable
  • Pjur lube sample

Check out the video below for a full Arcwave Ion unboxing.

How to use Arcwave Ion for the first time

Following the manual, it’s pretty straightforward – you turn Ion on by pressing the + button for 2 seconds, until it rumbles and the logo glows. According to the manual, Ion starts in what’s called Smart Silence mode. This means that as you insert your penis it will hit a sensor that automatically starts and stops stimulation. You can test that it’s on by poking your finger into the hole inside the stroker. You position your penis inside the silicone tube, with your frenulum (the aforementioned little part of the skin that joins the tip of your penis to the shaft, sometimes called the banjo string) over the motion-sensor hole (where the vibrations come from). 

Apply some water-based lube so it feels nice and slippy-slidy – this is made of high-quality silicone and it’s too grippy to use dry (you don’t want a chafed peen)! You do have to do a little work to get off, just like regular jacking off. By combining the frenulum stimulation with manual stroking – you hold the stroker and rub it up and down on your penis while also targeting the frenulum (it’s easier than it sounds!) – it creates an incredible climax. Arcwave recommend that you try Ion a few times to find your groove and work out how Ion pleases you best. 

 The big question: how does Ion feel to use?

My personal experience with Arcwave Ion was really good, and I mean REALLY GOOD. After lubing up, I put my penis into the Ion and as I reached the top of the sleeve, I felt stimulation start automatically. It’s a little hard to describe how it felt. Sort of like a sucking but reallllly nice. You can up the intensity using the + button.  

I pulled the lubed-up Ion sleeve up and down over my shaft, enjoying the Pleasure Air stimulation when it hit the right spot… and it was amazing! If you want, you can turn off the Smart Silence and allow the Pleasure Air to stay on constantly, which I did once I really got going and just wanted more, more, MORE.

The sleeve itself is really soft silicone and it’s ribbed inside with squishy ridges so you get some great feelings from the texture and friction.

 The sensation was really pleasurable and it did induce a frenulum orgasm that felt different to normal masturbation. I noticed that the stimulation alone was enough to cum with minimal stroking and the ejaculation sensation did feel heightened.  After a few more test runs it’s only gotten better – Ion really feels like nothing else out there, it’s a totally unique sensation.

Uncover the Arcwave Ion Today!

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Look, Feel and Material 

Sleek and stylish

The Ion looks pretty stylish. It stores away nicely in the base with cover. It’s nice that a sex toy can stand in a bookcase without standing out too much. In its case, Ion looks more like a Bluetooth speaker. The material of the actual product – the sleeve – is silicone. Arcwave calls it CleanTech silicone which is more hygienic and easy to clean due to its composition. It definitely feels nice on the skin and after cleaning it a couple of times, I found it super simple. Just give it a wash and pop it back on its charging base to air dry.

Arcwave Ion: Features Overview

  • Pleasure Air Technology
  • Smart Silence
  • Twist to clean opening
  • Charging base

Arcwave Ion: Features in Detail

Let’s take a look at some of the features in more detail: 

Pleasure Air Technology 

Pleasure Air is the type of stimulation the Ion uses and it’s uh-mazing. It was invented by the brand’s sister company Womanizer as a way to stimulate the clitoris (as mentioned in the sciencey bit above). It’s a little stimulation head the size of a small coin that makes little airwaves, making a “contactless” sensation that is like a mix between vibration and sucking. Imagine someone sucking – expertly, strong and fast – on your nipple, and that’s kind of what it feels like. This Pleasure Air stimulator head is located in a hole inside the silicone shaft, so you can rub the toy on your penis and control exactly where the stimulation goes. Based on my experience so far, it is a unique sensation and does elevate Ion waaaayyyy above a normal stroker that doesn’t feature the wonders of Pleasure Air tech. The intensity can be set quite high, so there is a lot of adaptability in terms of preferences. 

Smart Silence 

Smart Silence is basically a sensor inside the sleeve of the Ion. When it senses skin contact it starts the stimulation and stops when it doesn’t. I think this is a feature that some people will love, and others not so much. While it’s cool, I prefer stimulation to be switched on all the time so I turned these feature off. I can imagine people enjoying it, especially if they want to keep noise to a minimum, but I only jerk off in a noisy shower or when there’s nobody else in the house, so that wasn’t a problem for me. 

Twist to Clean 

This feature is super cool – I actually said “whoah!” out loud when I tried this out (yeah, maybe I’m a bit of a saddo)! The Arcwave Ion is pretty novel in that you can just twist the sleeve and the motor portion apart. You won’t break it – just grab the silky silicone sleeve and the hard plastic part with the buttons on it and twist then in different directions like you’re twisting apart the two cookie pieces in an oreo. This makes it suuuuper easy to clean – following the recommendations in the manual, you just rinse with warm water and use a little toy cleaner (not provided in the box) to wipe clean. I always just use regular soap and water on my other silicone sex toys and they’ve always been fine. 

Charging Base 

After you have cleaned it you can dry off the Ion and return it to the charging base. I have to see the charging base really is pretty cool. You place the toy on a silica stick that removes any pesky water droplets from the sleeve. This is a great feature as theoretically is should keep the product in better condition for a longer period of time. At the same time, it starts charging automatically. You can place the cover on the whole thing and store it away. You get about 70 mins run time from a 2-hour charge 

Arcwave Ion

Price Tag 

At 189 euros / 199 USD / the Arcwave Ion is anything but cheap – at one of the most expensive toys on the market it may frighten a few people away. But – and it’s a BIG BUT – it’s literally a one-of-a-kind. The orgasms are M I N D B L O W I N G and really feel different from regular ol’ jerking off. 

With Ion, you really do get what you pay for. After seeing a lower-priced, non-silicone sex toy that had gone MOLDY because the cheap material was porous and housed rapidly multiplying bacteria, I vowed I would never use a toy that wasn’t made from high-quality, non-porous silicone. Ion is made from the best, medical-grade silicone so it’ll not only be ultra-hygienic, but it’ll last one heck of a long time. It also comes with a 2-year warranty so if it did break (doesn’t seem likely, this thing is hella sturdy), you’d get it replaced anyway.  

Ion also packs a lot of cool technology into one toy. It’s got unique Pleasure Air stimulation, a hi-tech charging and drying base and it just looks super stylish – all amazing things but it’s the orgasm it gives that’s the star of the show. It really is the best money can buy, and I’ve never cum harder with a toy than I have with Ion. 

Our Final Verdict: 5/5 Stars 


While pricey, the Arcwave Ion really is something new – and it feels incredible. If you want to feel a new sensation with a stroker that’s unlike any other, the Ion is a vital addition to your collection. The charging base is a really nifty feature as it charges automatically and dries off the sleeve. Some users may prefer a little less tech and a slightly lower price tag, but nothing really compares to Arcwave. Get it now to experience this staggering new kind of orgasm ahead of the curve – because before long, everyone will want one…

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