Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker for Men Review 

Arcwave Ion on Bed

The O*Diaries presents the Arcwave Ion review – a new Pleasure Air stroker designed for the penis – a new kind of man orgasm!

 Today, we are having all the fun of an Arcwave Ion review – taking a look at the groundbreaking Pleasure Air Stroker for men Arcwave is a new brand in the world of sex products and has created a lot of buzz, particularly surrounding the Ion – their flagship product.  

This buzz stems from some of the claims that Arcwave is making, particularly that Ion can enable men to feel something similar to a female orgasm.  

We have examined the Ion in detail to see if it lives up to the hype. Our testers pull no punches – especially when it comes to something as exciting as male sex toy reviews – so let’s dive straight in. 

First Impressions & Unboxing 

Arcwave Ion comes in sleek packaging and looks great at first glance. The box contains the Ion, a charging base, cover, a USB cable and a pjur lube sample. 

First-Time Use 

Following the manual, you turn the Ion on by pressing the + button for 2 seconds, it rumbles and the logo glows. According to the manual, Ion starts in what’s called Smart Silence mode. This means that as you insert your penis it will hit a sensor that automatically starts and stops stimulation. But you have to do a little work, by combining the stimulation with maual stroking. 

According to the Ion video, it targets your frenulum which is the little part of the skin that joins the tip of your penis to the foreskin (sometimes called the banjo string). This is supposed to create a unique sensation.  

We asked one of our testers to describe the sensation:

“After lubing up, I inserted my penis into the Ion and as I reached the top of the sleeve, I felt stimulation start automatically. It’s a little hard to describe how it felt. Sort of like a sucking but very pleasant. You can up the intensity using the + button.  

I combined manual stroking with the Pleasure Air stimulation. And that was amazing! And if you want to you can turn off Smart Silence and allow Pleasure Air to stay on constantly.

 The big question: how did it feel?  

 “The sensation was really pleasurable and it did induce a frenulum orgasm that felt different to normal masturbation. I noticed that the stimulation alone was enough to cum with minimal stroking and the ejaculation sensation did feel heightened.  After a few more test runs I can say that Ion certainly has created a unique sensation.

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Look, Feel and Material 

Sleek and stylish

The Ion looks pretty stylish. It stores away nicely in the base with cover. It’s nice that a sex toy can stand in a bookcase without standing out too much. In its case, Ion looks more like a Bluetooth speaker. The material of the actual product – the sleeve – is silicone. Arcwave calls it CleanTech silicone and claims that it is more hygienic and easy to clean due to its composition. It definitely feels nice one the skin and seems pretty easy to clean.

Arcwave Ion: Features in Detail 

Let’s take a look at some of the features in more detail: 

Pleasure Air 

Pleasure Air is the type of stimulation the Ion uses. It’s based on airwaves so it doesn’t actually make contact with the penis. Airwaves suck the frenulum. Based on my experience so far, it does feel like a unique sensation and does elevate Ion above a normal stroker that doesn’t feature stimulation. The intensity can be set quite high, so there is a lot of adaptability in terms of preferences. 

Smart Silence 

Smart Silence is basically a sensor inside the sleeve of the Ion. When it senses skin contact it starts the stimulation and stops when it doesn’t. I think this is a feature that some people will love, and others not so much. While it’s cool, I prefer stimulation to be switched on all the time so I turned these feature off. But I can imagine people enjoying it. 

Twist to Clean 

The Ion is pretty novel in that you can simply twist the sleeve and its housing (motor and electronics) apart. This makes it easy to clean – following the recommendations in the manual, you simply rinse with warm water and use a little toy cleaner (not provided in the box) to wipe clean.  

Charging Base 

After you have cleaned it you can dry off the Ion and return it to the charging base. I have to see the charging base really is pretty cool. You place the toy on a silica stick that removes any pesky water droplets from the sleeve. This is a great feature as theoretically is should keep the product in better condition for a longer period of time. At the same time, it starts charging automatically. You can place the cover on the whole thing and store it away. You get about 70 mins run time from a 2-hour charge 

Price Tag 

At 189 euros the Ion is anything but cheap. At one of the most expensive toys on the market it may frighten a few people away. But it does pack a lot of cool technology into one toy, and the sensation it creates is pretty unique 

Our Final Verdict: 4/5 Stars 


While pricey, the Arcwave Ion really is something new. If you want to feel a new sensation and enjoy strokers in general, the Ion could be a great addition to your collection. The charging base is a really nifty feature as it charges automatically and dries off the sleeve. Some users may prefer a little less tech and a slightly lower price tag, but overall a great first product from Arcwave. 

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