Arcwave Voy Review: A Premium Stroker for Male Pleasure

Arcwave Voy

Ok hear us out…. WHAT IF you could change the sensations of masturbation as you were doing it? WHAT IF you could adjust the pleasure even while you were experiencing it? Welcome to Arcwave Voy, the sequel to the bestselling and world-renowned Arcwave Ion, which brought Pleasure Air Technology to the penis for the first time. Following in Ion’s pioneering footsteps, Voy offers a whole new kind of tailored, focused sensation. 

Arcwave Voy Review: What Is Arcwave Voy?

In a nutshell, Arcwave Voy is a compact, variable premium male masturbator. Unlike the original Ion’s high-tech approach to male pleasure, Voy is mechanical: no batteries, no recharging, no complexity. It works on the same principle as a camera lens: you turn the focus ring to tighten and relax the internal sensations. 

Perfect Pressure: A Tailored Experience

What does Voy feel like to use? Well, it’s impossible to explain a sensation as complex as Voy’s, but it feels like having complete control over your pleasure and, therefore, your orgasm. The soft, fleshy CleanTech silicone feels natural and realistic, and those sensations are increased or decreased by turning the focus ring – you can enhance the feeling to bring you to climax, or relax it to back off for a while. And all the while, it feels better than any other premium male stroker out there. 

Arcwave Voy’s Features At A Glance

  • The Focus Ring – the standout unique feature of Voy is the mechanical Tightness Adjustment System 
  • Merkel-Ranvier Receptors – Voy specifically targets the penis’ most sensitive pleasure receptors 
  • CleanTech Silicone – Arcwave’s in-house silicone has been developed for pleasure and hygiene 
  • Compact Size – the size of a good camera lens and with a travel case, Voy goes with you everywhere 
Arcwave Voy

Arcwave Voy

Arcwave Voy adapts to the penis and provides intense and extraordinary orgasms with powerful stimulation to specific pleasure receptors.

Is Voy The Best Male Masturbator?

Voy is uncomplicated, ready when you are. That means you don’t have to worry about complex electronics, or charging, or waterproofness. Just add lube, and enjoy the experience of your life.  

But don’t take our word for it, here’s an account from one of our testers… 

Arcwave Voy: The First Experience 

“I really enjoyed Arcwave Ion, when I tested that last year. I love Arcwave’s attention to detail, even the packaging feels special, more like a games console or something. 

But Voy was EXACTLY what I was looking for: something compact, handheld, simple, and highly effective. One of my favorite sexual activities is edging, seeing how long I can last, and the way the focus ring on Voy allows you to do that is unlike anything else I’ve ever tried. You can bring yourself right up to the edge, then release the pressure and drop it back down, and bring yourself slowly back up again. It’s the best stroke I’ve ever tried, without question. A real innovation. Thank you Arcwave!” 

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