Inflamed clitoris: Symptoms and Causes

Inflamed clitoris: Symptoms and Causes

The clitoris is an exceptional organ: over 8000 nerve endings ensure an explosion of pleasure when stimulated. This makes the clitoris the most sensitive part of a female body. But it is precisely this sensitivity that can be a negative when it comes to pain. We reveal the causes behind this and what sex toys can sometimes have to do with it.

The clitoris: the female pleasure center

Numerous studies and surveys prove that the majority of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm at all. The problem? Many men, but also women themselves, don’t know enough about the clitoris. Here are a few important facts:

  • The clitoris is bigger than you think: the biggest part is hidden inside, what we see is actually the smallest part.
  • The clitoris has a lot in common with the penis. For example, both have a glans, a foreskin and both swell up during arousal because they are well supplied with blood during sex.
  • Over 8000 nerve endings make the clitoris an extremely sensitive zone.

The benefit in the sensitivity of the clitoris is that basic stimulation can trigger intense orgasms. The disadvantage is that pain and inflammation can occur if there is a lack of care when stimulating this sensitive spot.

clitoris anatomy facts

Pain around the clitoris: should you be concerned?

Most women experience pain in the genital area at some point during their lives and this is often a cause for concern. This makes it all the more important to have it medically clarified as quickly as possible, because there can be various causes.

  • If the pain is temporary, an irritation of the clitoris can be the trigger. This can occur after sex, for example. These pains usually subside quite quickly and are no cause for concern.
  • Longer lasting pain can be triggered by inflammation in the genital area. This is usually caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi and or even sexually transmitted infections.
  • In rare cases, a vulvar carcinoma can be the source of pain. This is a very rare malignant change in the vaginal epithelium.
  • Pain around the clitoris can also occur during menopause, which is due to vaginal dryness, a common complaint during menopause.

What are these symptoms usually accompanied by?

The symptoms may vary depending on the cause, but in most cases they include itching, burning, redness, pain when urinating or during sex, as well as unusual discharge. Abscesses or herpes blisters may also occur.

During a gynaecological examination, the exact cause is diagnosed and treatment is determined. A visit to the doctor is important in any case, should pain and inflammation in the genital area occur, precisely because so many different issues could be behind it.

Can sex toys hurt your clitoris?

If slight bleeding occurs on the clitoris, there is usually a reason: too much stimulation – either through sex with your partner or through the use of a sex toy. As a reminder: around 8000 nerve endings make the clitoris the most sensitive female zone. So treat this sensitive spot with some serious sensitivity!

If there is a lot of strong stimulation or over-stimulation, this can lead to pain – which a sex toy user has reported on She claims to have used a clitoral stimulator in the shower and then bled.

But how can it be that a sex toy hurts the clitoris? And what other negative effects can sex toys possibly have on this sensitive area? If the vibrations or the intensity of the clitoris stimulator is too high, this can lead to over-stimulation, which can be very painful under certain circumstances.

Many low-cost, poorly designed products have made their way onto the market. However, without the required research and development, or guidance from experts, the resulting toys are cheap in price and designed with too much intensity for the sensitive clitoral region. The result? Overstimulation, pain, bleeding and numbness.

Womanizer PREMIUM

Womanizer PREMIUM

Thanks to Pleasure Air Technology, the clitoris is gently but intensely pampered.

What makes a clitoris stimulator a really good sex toy?

In order to avoid over-stimulation as well as the habituation effect or pain in general, we advise you to focus on quality! This is also confirmed by sex therapist and certified psychologist Nicole Engel:

“You should pay attention to body-safe materials, which are also gentle and carefully designed and do not fall apart within weeks – and do not injure you. They should also be nice and quiet, which is often not the case with cheap products. You simply pay for what you get”.

High-quality sex toys, such as the Womanizer, were developed with the guidance of experts from across the globe. At the moment, the international testing pool is comprised of over 8,000 people, who all put product models to the test before the toy gets to market. This results in incredible innovations like Pleasure Air Technology®. Here, the clitoris is stimulated without contact, and instead is pampered with gentle waves of pressure. These gently suck on the clitoris and ensure intense orgasms. The user feels intense pleasure instead of pain, as there is no over-stimulation or habituation effect. We can confirm this not only by numerous user reviews, but also our own reviewer’s experience with the toy.

Yes, it’s fair to say the Womanizer range is pricey. However, as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” At Womanizer, a team of innovators and engineers works tirelessly to create something to provide pleasure without injury. And that’s something worth investing in, right?

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