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Couples’ vibrators are a great addition to your love life and take foreplay and sex to a new level. There are different types of couples’ toys from We-Vibe – depending on what your preferences are and what feels good to you. Find out here how couple’s vibrators work and what you should pay attention to when buying.

How do We-Vibe couples’ vibrators work?

 As a rule, couples’ vibrators are worn during sex and provide additional stimulation.   

Our C-shaped vibrators such as the We-Vibe Chorus or We-Vibe Sync, are well known. They are shaped to be inserted by the woman before sex and to stimulate both the G-spot and the clitoris. The man then penetrates and also feels the deep vibrations on his penis.   

But there are also other versions of couples’ vibrators. A penis ring, for example, can also be used to intensify sex together. A penis ring ensures a slight build-up of blood in the penis. This in turn causes a stronger erection. At the same time, the We-Vibe Verge and the We-Vibe Pivot vibrate in different intensities. And the woman can enjoy this as well.


We-Vibe Chorus

We-Vibe Sync

We-Vibe Sync

Couples’ vibrators for beginners

If you are dealing with couples’ vibrators for the first time and are in the mood for exciting new adventures, you might be wondering: which toy is right for me?   

We-Vibe Unite, for example, is wonderfully easy to use. Simply apply a little lubricant and use the user-friendly remote control to intensify the mutual pleasure during sex.  

We-Vibe Pivot is small but extremely effective – a penis ring that has also mastered the art of vibration and is perfect as a couples’ vibrator. The clitoris is stimulated hands-free. Thanks to the flexible material, Pivot hugs the body and is comfortable to wear.   

The We-Vibe Melt is completely different. This clitoral stimulator does not offer vibrations, but Pleasure Air stimulation, where pulsating air vibrations pamper the clitoris. This toy is designed for couples with its slim, ergonomic design.

cock ring

We-Vibe Pivot

Couples’ vibrators with a remote control 

We have already mentioned that many We-Vibe products have a remote control. The great thing about it is your partner can take control of your pleasure. So how about this: Your partner sits down in a corner of the room while you wear one of the We-Vibe couples’ vibrators. The other person controls the intensity of the vibrations via remote control and watches how you squirm with pleasure. We promise you it will be a very special kind of foreplay.   

We-Vibe Chorus is the next level remote controlled vibrator for couples. This sex toy has what is known as a Squeeze Remote. Chorus’ Squeeze Remote is designed with the most natural human response in mind: the harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibration. Loosen your grip and the vibration will weaken. Change both the vibration modes and intensity in the heat of the moment. 

App-controlled couples’ vibrators  

Are you more than a few feet apart but still want to experience tingling togetherness from a distance? Then our app-controlled couples’ vibrators are perfect for you. You have the choice between C-shaped, clitoral stimulators, panty vibrators or wand toys.  

Thanks to the We-Connect app, you can control all the functions of your toy – even if you are on another continent. Perfect for couples who are separated from each other on short or long-term basis 

And there’s more: you can use the app to customize your couples vibrators. Create your own vibration patterns. Or let your We-Vibe toy vibrate to the rhythm of your music. Thanks to the integrated video chat function, you can see each other and feel close even from a distance.

How do you use a couples’ vibrator?  

Of course, that all depends on the couples’ vibrator you have chosen. Because depending on the shape and design, the couples’ vibrators from We-Vibe are worn or inserted differently.   

In general, however, there are some important tips when using couples’ vibrators:   

  • Use enough lubricant – make sure it is a water-based lubricant. This is compatible with the medical silicone with which the We-Vibe toys are coated.  
  • Experiment. Especially if you are not yet that experienced in using couples’ vibrators, don’t get discouraged. Even if the first time it was a bit bumpy and complicated, it gets more exciting every time. So, get involved again and again and find out what you like together.  
  • Do not rely solely on the toy. Couples’ vibrators are there to give you an extra helping of pleasure. Whether your sex is fulfilling or not does not depend on the use of a sex toy. Your sex life is great when you talk to each other and share your desires and fantasies. And try them out together. Couple’s vibrators also add variety.   
  • Always clean your couples’ vibrators after use. You can simply use lukewarm water, antibacterial soap or a special toy cleaner. But please make sure that your toy is really waterproof (not just splash-proof). If the latter is the case, you should use a fresh, damp washcloth for cleaning instead.

We-Vibe Melt

We-Vibe Unite

What should I look for in a couples’ vibrator?

Above all, one thing is important: quality. A quality product allows you both to have fun together without hesitation. For example, good couples’ vibrators are made of high-quality medical-grade silicone. This is particularly kind to the skin. After all, sex toys also come into contact with your most intimate areas.   

Also, make sure that the toys you use do not give off any plastic odor. That alone is usually a sign of lower quality. A good vibrator is rapidly rechargeable. In this way you can ensure that the toy is always ready to use when you want it. No more annoying rummaging for batteries. 

 Why should I use a couples’ vibrator?  

Counter question: Why not? Of course, sex can be wonderful without aids. But especially in longer-term relationships, couples’ vibrators are a great way to bring a breath of fresh air and add a little spice to your sex life.   

And who knows? Perhaps you will discover completely new, exciting sides to yourself and your sexuality.

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