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Wow, wow, wow – it’s that time again! One brave blogger, one new toy, one Womanizer PREMIUM 2 review… Womanizer are launching a new toy and, if you’re excited about sex toys like I am, this is a big event.

What makes it even more hotly anticipated is that the pioneers of Pleasure Air Technology have released what they’re calling their most luxurious product yet… Honestly, I don’t know whether any toy could top the orgasm I get from the Womanizer toys I’ve already got but yours truly will nobly give it a go… *sigh* it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it! Let’s get into it…

Womanizer PREMIUM 2: The Basics

OK, first things first, what is Womanizer’s new toy, and why should I shell out my hard-earned cash for it? Womanizer certainly isn’t shy with their claims for this bold new toy, the tagline for which is “Define your luxury” – that sounds like my kind of thing!

Womanizer PREMIUM 2 is Womanizer’s new Pleasure Air, female toy. If you’re not familiar with Pleasure Air Technology, it’s a type of clitoral stimulation, unlike any vibrator you’ve tried before. Instead of a toy that buzzes from an internal motor, it has a little suction head made of super soft material that goes straight onto the clitoris and uses waves of air to make pleasurable sensations that are very similar to someone sucking your clit with their mouth. It’s as good as it sounds – better, even. And Womanizer PREMIUM 2 presents their unique Pleasure Air Technology along with some cool new additional features.

Check them out.

PREMIUM 2 Review Erfahrungen

Womanizer PREMIUM 2

Luxe design meets powerful pleasure – it’s time to discover PREMIUM 2!

PREMIUM 2 Features Overview

  • Pleasure Air Technology
  • Smart Silence
  • Autopilot
  • 14 Intensity Levels
  • Waterproof (IPX7)
  • New color choices
  • Super soft silicone

PREMIUM 2 Features in Detail

Let’s break down Womanizer PREMIUM 2’s awesome features in a little more detail, shall we?

Pleasure Air Technology

Pleasure Air Technology, as discussed above, is Womanizer’s unique form of clitoral stimulation – a cross between suction and vibration using a soft stimulation head. You get two stimulation heads with the toy, meaning that you can adjust to what fits your body best. If your clitoris is smaller or larger, say, or if you prefer your stimulation to be more targeted on your clitoris or hit a wider area. My advice would be to try out both heads and see which you like best.

Smart Silence

The toy runs fairly quietly, the only thing that makes noise is if you use a lot of lube with it which can make little suction sounds. However, Smart Silence refers to something different from the volume at which the toy runs – it’s a cool innovation that means that the toy only switches on when it’s in contact with your body, which conserves battery and keeps noise to a minimum. It’s good to know about this feature because otherwise, you might not think the toy is working once you’ve switched it on. Test it’s on my sticking the pad of your finger into the stimulation hole – if it’s turned on, it’ll start sucking.

Improved Autopilot

PREMIUM already has an Autopilot, PREMIUM 2 has an improved version of it. You can choose whether you want Autopilot to take you through low, medium, or high levels of intensity and then just lie back and enjoy! This is good for people who find that they get off better when someone else is teasing them with a vibrator – sometimes, left to your own devices, you might find that you greedily mash the vibe into your clit on top speed, impatient to get to that orgasm as quickly as possible. Autopilot puts the toy in control, varying the power of the suction so it’s more of a surprise – for some reason, this is super effective in terms of reaching climax… maybe it’s like how you can’t tickle yourself but someone else can tickle you?

14 Intensity Levels

Womanizer PREMIUM 2 has more intensity levels than any toy before, which means that there is more nuance to choose from, varying from feather-light to oh-my-fricking-lord crazy powerful. It’s really cool to have so many intensity levels and boy, oh, boy are the upper echelons strong! The first time I used this toy I only needed to use the first 6 levels to, uh, get there, once, then built up to the more powerful intensities later in the session.

Waterproof (IPX7)

This is one of the coolest features of Womanizer PREMIUM 2 – you can take it in the bath or shower with you without damaging the toy at all! It’s full-on waterproof so it can be totally submerged and it runs just as powerfully underwater. The bath is a classic place to take a bit of me-time so I appreciated being able to bring my fun new toy with me. This feature also means that PREMIUM 2 is really easy to clean – you can literally stick it under a running tap.

New Color Choices

Womanizer PREMIUM 2 is available in 5 colors, which is really nice because it means that there’s something for everyone. I’ve never gone for the garish pinks and purples that sex toys often come in, so it’s brilliant to have a sleek, chic black or grey to choose from. To be fair, all of the colors that PREMIUM 2 is sold in – Black, Bordeaux, Warm Gray, Blueberry, Raspberry – look very stylish and classy, in keeping with the luxurious vibe of this high-end product.

Super Soft Silicone Skin

The toy feels good in EVERY way! It just feels darn good to the touch, silky smooth silicone which is skin-safe and soft whilst also being super durable too. Silicone is tough and will last for a long-ass time – hence the five-year warranty on Womanizer toys, so don’t expect this baby to crap out on you. When you snag a Womanizer, you’re in it for the long haul…

premium 2

Womanizer PREMIUM 2

With all the things you love like Autopilot and Smart Silence, plus exciting new colorways and 14 intensity levels, are you ready to try PREMIUM 2!

Womanizer PREMIUM 2: What’s In The Box?

When you open the gorgeous, sleek new box that PREMIUM 2 comes in, you get a few handy accessories. As the man said in the movie Se7en, “What’s in the box?”

Womanizer PREMIUM 2 toy

  • 2 stimulation heads in sizes M and S
  • Magnetic pin USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Organic cotton pouch

I love that Womanizer toys are rechargeable, it’s a sign of quality – though the frickin’ FIVE YEAR warranty is also pretty impressive! – and it’s way more convenient to plug it in to charge rather than having to use wasteful disposable batteries that are just gonna end up in a landfill. When your toy is plugged in, the level of charge is indicated by 3 neat little LED lights. The different sizes of stimulation heads are useful too, either for different sensations (broader or more localized on the clitoris) or for different body types and sizes. It all fits nicely into the cute little cotton bag too.

How To Use Womanizer PREMIUM 2

You use PREMIUM 2 in the same way as other Womanizer toys. Just put the stimulation head over your clit and press and hold the power button on the toy for 2 seconds to turn it on. It’s easy to cycle through the different intensity settings using the + and – buttons to go up or down the levels. You can also switch to Autopilot if you want your toy to take you on a mystery pleasure ride – now doesn’t that sound incredible?

Is Womanizer PREMIUM 2 Worth The Money?

PRICE: 199USD / 219CAD / 169GBP / 189EUR

In a word, YES. A lot of people might balk at the idea of paying 200 bucks for a sex toy, but as you can expect to get at least 5 years of use out of it – thanks to the generous warranty – you’re really making an investment for the long term. You also get a lot of features that you wouldn’t get with lesser toys – silicone is more expensive because it’s a higher quality.

Cheaper toys use more porous plastics which means that germs and bacteria can breed inside the skin of the toy (GROSS!) which is frickin’ horrendous, especially when you think how intimately these toys are used. The price difference between Womanizer PREMIUM 2 and a cheaper toy is also justified by its solid recharging, waterproofing, and cool innovations like the Autopilot and Smart Silence.

If you want a quality toy that will thrill you again and again for years to come, PREMIUM 2 is right up there. You literally cannot buy a better toy with your money.

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