From Messages to Selfies: What is Sexting?

Sexting how to sext

You might be wondering, what is sexting? Don’t worry, it’s a common question. The term ‘sexting’ refers to a kind of text message exchange that’s a little raunchier than average. Think dick pics (the solicited kind), eggplant emojis, and descriptions of sexy scenarios. But more than that: Sexting is also a powerful way to reignite your sexual intimacy in a relationship where the sex may have flatlined.

But, here’s the thing: like dirty talk during sex, no one ever teaches you how to do it. So, I’ve taken the head-scratching factor out of the equation for you and broken it down into three simple steps. No worries: We have some sexting tips for you. Here’s how to sext, like a pro…

#1: Reminisce

Recount the last time you had hot, amazing sex with your partner in your text. It doesn’t matter if it’s been days, months, or even years – the important thing is that you describe the memory in detail. Recount how your partner, smelled, felt, tasted. Really recreate the scene. It’s like your own private porno. 😉

#2: Be yourself

Talking dirty is fine, but stay true to your own style. You don’t need any sexting apps or sexting sites throwing a bunch of advice at you – just go with what feels natural. Throwing too many metaphors in can make an otherwise sexy text feel contrived and awkward. Talk as though you’d normally talk to your partner when the two of you are getting hot and heavy.

#3: Add your own flair

Feel free to add in some suggestive emojis, or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, start sexting pics of yourself in some sexy lingerie and give them something to fantasize about for the rest of the day at work. By the time your partner gets home, the sparks are sure to fly.

Still need help with the question: what is sexting?

Here are a few possible sentences with which you can start your sexting conversation…

“I just had the hottest dream with you. Do you want to hear it?”

“I miss feeling you inside me.”

“I’m looking hot right now. Fancy a picture of me?”

“I’m touching myself right now…and thinking about you!”

“Remember that time we did______?”

“I just got out of the shower…”

“I am getting so horny just thinking about seeing you later.”

“I can’t get last night out of my head.”

“Your clothes are coming off the second you get through the door. That’s a promise!”

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